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Complete Concept for a New Real Estate Agent

When we first met Mads and Louise Werner, they were both employees of a major real estate chain. They not only shared their love for each other and for their profession, but they also shared a dream of creating an independent real estate business together.

It's no secret that it is a huge job to establish such a company, and therefore, they contacted Provi's Advertising Agency.

The upcoming real estate company still had no name and no address, but it had two enthusiasts who inspired the entire team at Provi. Therefore, the collaboration started by finding a name for the upcoming Werner Homes. With inspiration from their common surname and their common profession, Werner Homes was created.

Our entire team worked hard to make the dream come true for Mads and Louise. For the final presentation of our work, we were not only reminded of why we do the work that we do - but also that we are insanely good at just that.

Covid-19 made it impossible for us to present our work in person, even though this is otherwise costumary. Instead, our presentation had to take place remotely, and this was done through an online presentation via Microsoft Teams.

We knew we had hit the spot when both Mads and Louise shed a small tear of pure happiness when seeing their dream come true.

Since establishing their company in an unusual period, Mads and Louise have been a regular part of the advertising agency's customer directory - a regular part, which we have appreciated very much. The collaboration has since offered the production of unique for-sale signs, beautiful printed cases, planning of events, enhancing the website, social media, drone videos, magazines, and more.

We are very proud that we have helped to shape the identity and establishment of Werner Homes, and that we have been allowed to take part in this unique journey. However, we are even more proud that they have continued to rely on our value collaboration for further marketing enhancements and initiatives.

Thanks for your trust, Mads and Louise. 


Werner Boliger
Werner og skilte om købsaftale underskrevet.

… A small tear was

I give Provi my very warmest recommendations. Therese has been an invaluable support to us in starting up our business. We would not have gotten through it so well if it were not for her. Not only did we have Therese's incredible talent along the journey, but we also gained a good friend and support. I look forward to a long and happy collaboration.

Scope of the Assignment

The company name, Werner Homes, was invented in collaboration with the team at Provi. We spent several days searching for available web domains, pondering which name would fit perfectly with Mads and Louise's real estate business. Eventually, we settled on Werner Homes and the domain was reserved right away.

Then our skilled graphic designer created their logo. From a few pencil strokes and a simple name, he created an elegant and warm logo, which became the foundation of Werner Homes' branding. With the logo in place, our designer created the rest of the visual identity and then created a beautiful website design.

The design is responsive, and with its elegant colors, its warmth, and its depth, the design appeals to most home sellers and buyers.

The website is coded in Drupal CMS, and is coded to perform with the company's listing system. Mads and Louise have since received training in Drupal CMS.

Last but not least, the advertising agency has been helpful in creating a Facebook page, as well as Instagram and LinkedIn profiles for the company. Profile photos, cover photos, and launch material were prepared for this occasion. Additionally, Provi designed and produced materials for Werner Homes' print ads.

Finally, we have also had the honor of designing and producing their unique For Sale signs, which reflect the quality and innovative approach to home sales that Werner Homes represents.


Werner Boliger kladde.
Oplæg for Werner Boliger
Provi miniguide til samarbejde med Werner Boliger

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