39% of Facebook users say that they follow company websites because they want to receive special offers

Worldwide social media is not just selfies, discussions about the city's next festival, and checking out the lives of old classmates.

Social media also offers a myriad of marketing opportunities and can be used both when marketing to individuals as well as companies.

At Provi we specialize in the use of Facebook Business Manager (now Business Suite) Ads Manager, as well as Facebook Events Manager, and Creator Studio. We know exactly how to set up your Facebook page, engage your followers, track data, and present your Facebook Shop.

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76% of the world's companies use Instagram in their marketing

Even more companies have opened their eyes to Instagram and the many opportunities of this media platform. Previously, Instagram was mostly used by webshop owners, but this is no longer the case. Instagram is also for craftsmen who sell projects, offices who sells a service, and local shops who sell goods with their 'Yes-please' offer.

With a marketing consultant from Provi, you can easily assess whether you should choose a Business Account or a Creator Account. We show you how to tag your products and we draft a clear strategy for your company, so that your time on Instagram is never wasted.


Did you know that 90% of the population check their personal e-mail during working hours, 60% check e-mail while watching TV, and 40% read e-mail while on the toilet?

We may think of e-mail marketing as outdated, but it can still be effective. You know it yourself - some e-mails go straight into the trash, while those from your favorite store are always tempting! Just think of H&M, Zalando, Ditur.dk and many more…

E-mail marketing, however, requires a sharp strategy. If your readers receive too much of the same, they do not catch it or it is thought of as decidedly irrelevant, so they will not care about your next email.

At Provi we tailor the strategy for your e-mail marketing, and we segment your audience so that the individual customer always receives relevant marketing.

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