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Integration - in english

Who are you?
You are fugitives or family reunification for refugees. You are between 18 and 40 years and have less than 5 years of registered address in Denmark.

You have talked to the municipality and Jobcenter, which has informed you of your rights and responsibilities. You've got an offer to come to a course with us at House of Consultants Provi

Konsulenthuset Provi - integration in english
Konsulenthuset Provi - integration in english

Why are you here?
You must collect as much experience insofar that you can participate in a vocational training such as Carpentry, Masonry, Auto-mechanic, industry technician, Social & healthcare worker, Pedagogue or something entirely else professionally.

It is intended that you should be able to get a lasting and ordinary job on the labor market. One of the ways to get you jobs offers or education is a course with us as well as an internship, we help you obtain.

This is what we do!

What does it mean for you?
In short, you need to start up with the integration program within two weeks. You get reimbursed for your travels, to be made as cheaply as possible - usually by bus and train.

What do we do?
Are you what we call “Job Ready”, we follow up on you during the process. In example, we can talk about your CV - is there anything you can improve? We will also do a job interview with you, where we look at what specific job areas you can work in. We also look at, how a good job search can take place - and can look like.

We know there may be some language problems in the workplace, so we will also talk to you about, how to get ahead and get Danish colleagues to speak with you, and how you can solve Professionally tasks linguistically.

We will try to help you as best we can!

Once again: Welcome - let's get started.