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Nykøbing Falster is an old market town with more than 120 specialty shops, chain stores, cafés, and restaurants. 'Vores Nykøbing' is the local trade association in Nykøbing Falster, which works to promote and strengthen trade and business while sharing knowledge of the local shops in the city. In a new partnership, 'Vores Nykøbing' and the Guldborgsund Center now work together to break down barriers, so others do not talk about 'us and them', but instead talk about a common Nykøbing. It is important to fight together, instead of fighting internally. That is why the shops in the Guldborgsund Center are now also part of 'Vores Nykøbing'.

The new partnership will work together to strengthen retail and brand the market town as a whole. The purpose is, among other things, to give shoppers a better overview of the many opportunities Nykøbing offers - but this time on both sides of Guldborgsund.

Therefore, Provi has developed a unified visual identity for 'Vores Nykøbing,' and we have produced two commercials that run on TV2 and TV2 Play. The first commercial was launched in connection with Black Friday and was a short spot that focused on Black Friday deals and late-night shopping in the 120 plus stores around Nykøbing. See the commercial for Black Friday here.The second commercial illustrates Nykøbing as a cozy market town where the whole family goes on a Christmas shopping trip. Both commercials have been given regional airtime on TV2 and TV2 Play. See the Christmas commercial here.

Gavekortbevis til Vores Nykøbings gavekort.
Sommer live 2021, musik på torvet i Nykøbing Falster.

...a close collaboration...

Since day one we have worked closely with Provi's Advertising Agency. While they do not produce everything, they produce a considerable amount for us. They are strategic, creative, and always easy to contact.

Scope of the Assignment

The collaboration with 'Vores Nykøbing' started as a simple project: the city trade association needed an overall visual identity, logo, and a website. That is why Provi's Advertising Agency created the branding that characterizes 'Vores Nykøbing' and all the association's initiatives they have today.

Since then we have enhanced their primary website with an event calendar and intranet software. The intranet gives the association's members the opportunity to share news and events, while also sharing new information from the city trade association.

We have also developed both www.voresgaveshop.dk and www.voresjulegave.dk, webshops designed to boost local commerce during a difficult time when several shops were constrained by government restrictions as a result of Covid-19. Both projects are considered a success and the initiative 'Vores Julegave' (Christmas gift) was active again in 2021.

In connection with these projects, we have contributed to the marketing of all platforms. We have prepared graphics for campaigns, social media posts, printed sales material, stickers, and flags. Furthermore, we have had the pleasure of designing the gift card for 'Vores Nykøbing', which is used by several of the city's stores.

We have therefore continued a close collaboration with 'Vores Nykøbing' and are excited to collaborate on their fantastic initiatives in the future.

Vores Gaveshop visning af tilbud.
Billede af intranet til vores Nykøbing.
Fra alle os! Vores Julegave støt lokal handel.

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