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Møns Bank has been in a rapid development over the last 10 years! They have worked to upgrade and streamline their internal processes and secure the future of their workplace and business.

However, this process also required an upgrade and rethinking of their online presence - in order to give the bank a more modern identity - without breaking the framework that characterizes Møns Bank.

Therefore, Møns Bank consulted Provi's Advertising Agency, and in close cooperation, they chose to say goodbye to their old website and enter a new decade with a new online platform.

Since then we have continuously maintained, supported, and updated the security of their website. We have integrated NemID login to the online bank, as well as integrated cookie information and guidance on GDPR processes. We have continued a much valued and close collaboration with Møns Bank and its employees.

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… Super dedicated web developer…

Morten has developed our new website for Møns Bank, and he has done so to our full satisfaction - and beyond.
He is super dedicated and even comes up with solutions that we had not considered. Add that to the fact that he is unusually pleasant to work with, has a quick turnaround, and finds a solution to any problem.

We give only the absolute best recommendations for Provi!

We started the collaboration by making a joint decision on which new online platform Møns Bank should be developed. Then, we prepared a responsive design that aimed to represent Møns Bank in a more modern way than before - without undermining the overall design that characterizes Møns Bank.

In the process, we had a particular focus on improving usability, which we complied with by creating a whole new structure in their system. In addition, the search function was especially important, as Møns Bank has produced and published a large amount of content that they wanted to retain.

The structure and the search function have therefore been improved, so these are now more user-friendly and intuitive.
In addition, we had a special focus on creating a responsive universe that delivers a great user experience, no matter what screen size or browser is used.

This means that customers can now take advantage of the full-screen width, allowing more space for the content, and presenting the bank in a more manageable way. In addition to the new website, Møns Bank has used the process to review all their content, and as a result, they are now well suited for a new decade.

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