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2010 Vin & Velsmag had a desire to develop a new online platform that could accommodate their identity, their online shop, and a login function, serving as a management tool in relation to the daily operation of their fantastic business in Maribo.

That wish was fulfilled in collaboration with Provi's Advertising Agency.

The process naturally started with idea development, as well as the preparation of a sitemap, a flowchart, and an optimized design proposal, which could continue to reflect their visual identity and values. The coding of their new universe then started.

billede af vin flasker fra arroyo.
Billede af en bar med tønde.

Scope of the Assignment

2010 Vin & Velsmag had some unique wishes in relation to the production of their new online universe and several of their online solutions are therefore uniquely coded.

Their solution involves e.g. an integration that makes their financial management program, their cash register, and their webshop perform together: it has, among other things, synchronized their inventory management across the systems - and ensured that all sales orders end up in one financial management program.

In addition, they requested a tailor-made function to allow them to extract a PDF directly from the webshop. The smart thing about this is that 2010 Vin & Velsmag can now pull a wine menu with designs for restaurants, flyers for their events, or order forms in PDF - completely automatic, effortless, and with specifically selected products.

Following the launch of their new online universe, 2010 Vin & Velsmag has entered into a marketing partnership with Provi's Advertising Agency.

Their individual marketing initiatives are shared across our various marketing consultants who each have their own area of expertise. This ensures that 2010 Vin & Velsmag always knows who they can contact if they want to make changes or want to discuss new options.

In addition, the company also has a dedicated project manager in Provi who handholds the entire project, the company, and the implementation of all marketing initiatives.

Provi's Advertising Agency takes great pride in its collaboration with 2010 Vin & Velsmag.

Billede fra vin og velsmag der viser en vin.
Nyheder til vin og velsmag.
billede af 2010 vin og velsmags hjemmeside på forskellige platforme som computer, tablet og mobil.

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